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Sonic LS any issues?

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Have the GM $3,000 topup offer and just pondering different ideas. Looks like I see some dealers with 2014-15 Sonics for $11,200 then - $3,000 so $8200 for a $16,000 msrp. I don't really need a car but I'm having a hard time not grabbing one just for an extra car around the house, save miles on my lease and so on. I drive around 1,000 miles highway for work a week and I'm thinking even if I just use it for that I would get my $100 a month worth. Any recommendations on it or any issues anyone sees? I'm not really a fan of the base radio or hub caps but it would just be a cheap commuter car. I'm in the Chicago area, when between now and March 2nd do you think it would be the cheapest? I think there might be extra auto show cash next month. Thanks in advance.
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I have a Sonic LTZ and love it. No issues yet that have made me regret my purchase.
Half off MSRP? Are you sure that's not an :eek: ATS? LOL, little joke for the Caddy crowd here! :)

With GM about to hold the line :rolleyes: on prices, this looks like a deal you can't beat.

If the glove fits, you must acquit and buy that car!

Oh, and welcome to GMI, nbanga. :drive:
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