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Sold My Monte Carlo....... Finally!

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Well, I guess the guy stopped by last nite around like 11 pm & looked it over. Today I was real tired from working 10 1/2 hours yesterday so I didn't want to answer my phone or door, but like 5 people called! :lol: I guess he stopped by & since I didn't answer the door he went over to my neighbor's and offered her a deposit for it :blink: .....Well evenually I woke up and checked the messages and called the guy back, then he came over looked it over with me (for a very short time like 5 minutes literly), then he said "well I'm going to buy your car!" (um ok dude), then he asked what's the lowest I would go (I said "what's the most your willing to pay?) he responds "$1,100" I said sound good and he hands me $250 for a deposit! how cool is that! Finally now I can have a chunk to save for a Fiero or Trans Am :D
Figuered to let you all know, I'm all in a good mood now :p
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