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So I Saw A Ute on the Weekend...

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I was driving in Kilsyth on Saturday and a silver VE ute was driving towards me. Except it didn't look right. My memory of it is based on a few quick seconds of viewing. I would have turned around and chased it but I was taking my son to a birthday party and was already late.

It had a silver grille with three large letters across it. I believe they were GMC. It had oval fog/driving lights in the top corners of the grille.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that it had no licence plate indent in the tailgate and the taillights were smaller like the VU - VZ taillights.

I am starting to play with photoshop so I will try to mock up an image.

Is it possible that they are considering a GMC version of the ute?
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I believe they were, but as I said, I didn't get a good look at it. They extra lights attracted me first, I thought 'why would you put driving lights there on a Commodore ?', then I had a look at the rest.
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