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So I Saw A Ute on the Weekend...

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I was driving in Kilsyth on Saturday and a silver VE ute was driving towards me. Except it didn't look right. My memory of it is based on a few quick seconds of viewing. I would have turned around and chased it but I was taking my son to a birthday party and was already late.

It had a silver grille with three large letters across it. I believe they were GMC. It had oval fog/driving lights in the top corners of the grille.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that it had no licence plate indent in the tailgate and the taillights were smaller like the VU - VZ taillights.

I am starting to play with photoshop so I will try to mock up an image.

Is it possible that they are considering a GMC version of the ute?
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I was thinking (and may have said in another thread somewhere), that they need an Omega Version of the ute that has decent payload (unlike the Sport Truck). This would seem an obvious choice for those who want to step away from the Large dual cab fuel munchers. (I can already hear Robert Ryan sprinting to his keyboard).:lmao:
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