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The Cadillac XTS, IMO, has more road presence than the DTS, which the car was mostly a refresh from 2000-2005 model with a restyled front and back rear end with side moldings around which carried thru till '11. The interior was vastly revamp as well but was not much sharper looking in the looks department compared to the XTS. I'll take the XTS over the DTS easily because of its looks especially in Platinum and V-Sport trim.

The monthly sales are averaging around 1,900-2,000 units a month which is not bad for a car of this size and considering it is the only full size car in its class easily outselling the MKS, RLX, and S80 combined still.

Now I think there is room for this car in next generation form to sit between the CTS and CT6 and make it handle better without sitting on the tires of the CTS and CT6 in the handling and performance department. But considering the new Cadillac administration right now, there may not be an XTS for next generation.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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