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So I have a Cadillac XTS for a loaner...

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I'm getting my transmission beefed up by Renntech and have a Cadillac XTS for a loaner. I drove it home last night, to the gym this morning, to the mall this afternoon and I just got home. I like it. It's nearly 100% traditional "Cadillac". Even the engine feels kinda traditional in a late 70s / early 80s sense (it can't move out of it's own way). Around town power is perfectly adequate. The ride is smooth but it still handles well (though not floaty like a traditional Cadillac). The engine feels very smooth unless you need passing power or need to merge into traffic moving over 40 miles per hour - then it's a bit loud and it sounds like it's struggling. I'm sure the twin turbo XTS - even with it's reduced torque - is great. The seats are 110% traditional Cadillac. There's no support but that's fine with me because this car isn't for carving corners. It's pretty quiet inside. I don't like the capacitive controls but it only took me about ten minutes to get used to. No big deal, really - but I definitely prefer normal controls. The car feels roomy from the front seats - I haven't sat in the back of an XTS in a long time. The materials inside are fine.

Altogether I like it (though I wouldn't buy it) and I do believe there's a place for it in Cadillac's lineup - one single car of it's kind is good. However, if an upcoming RWD car comes to replace it - that wouldn't bother me. I can't say I really feel "good" driving it like I did my LS460L or my current E63 AMG. But I think the target audience for the XTS has a nice car if they want a Cadillac.

I still feel the XTS should have been named DTS because that's essentially what it is...
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Hey, that's my car!
I thought about buying a late 30's Cadillac hood goddess for it, because I miss my Deville's hood ornament.
I would rather have the Performance wheels from the lower pic you posted.

The XTS front seats pinched me in the butt. Short-legged people would find the side bolsters difficult to climb over.
A proper Cadillac that GM let rot on the vine way too long. At least they could have updated the transaxle to the 6 speed currently found in the W-body Impala. You know the very same trans axle that everybody insisted wouldn't fit in the old W and G body based cars. That at least would have increased MPG a little and given the Northstar a little more flexibility. They also could have used the VVT 320 HP version of the Northstar for more power and plenty of torque unlike the weaker 3.6 LFX in the current and not as cool XTS.
The VVT Northstar probably would not fit transversely.

In the month I owned a 6 speed STS, it seemed like it was always in too high a gear, and I had to wait for a downshift or two to accelerate. The 3.6 could use more low-end torque, so I'm glad Omega will have the 3.0TT (if it won't have a V8 standard).

My 04 Deville felt a little lazy unless you put your foot down. The Performance DTS is geared & tuned for immediate throttle response, and I pay for it with about 3 mpg less than the Deville. Neither car "hunts" for a gear like the STS did. A fifth gear on the DTS might be nice for more efficient highway cruising, but I prefer less shifting.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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