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Smart fortwo awarded good rating in crash test

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It is important to note the IIHS side impact test simulates an impact from a larger, taller vehicle (i.e. an SUV). Interestingly, the new Smart seems more stable and less prone to tip over, which was a danger in the previous generation. I am really impressed by the side impact results.
Bravada, who is that exotically beautiful woman in your profile icon? She looks almost Ethiopian/Egyptian. G4y dude here but I recognize a beautiful woman when I see one. Her eyes are very penetrating. Just curious.
1. She looks "Egyptian" because the photo is extensively edited to suit a cover of her Egyptian-themed "Hidden Treasure" CD. In reality, she is a good-looking 36-year-old whose body and face have seen a lot of experience - and "modding". Trademarks include lotsa fake tan and HUGE porcelain teeth. I guess this somehow helps her with singing, as she is pretty talented.

2. She is indeed American, Polish-American though. She lives in Poland, being married to her Polish manager. Real name Tamara Gołębiowska.

3. She does indeed represent us in this year's ESC which is right NEXT WEEK! :hyper: She is perhaps our best chance since the original Edyta Górniak in 1994.

4. Well, it looks like her purported beauty appeals to friends of Dorothy, as I am no different than you on that ;) She was actually rumoured to be a transsexual due to her murky past (she emerged out of nowhere at a rather solid age), so perhaps more than her eyes are penetrating... Seriously, though, she is most probably a natural born woman, if it matters.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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