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Wow.....still ugly...oh wait and sucky numbers 2 match....I'd by a SC'ed Cobra first.
I think it's gorgeous, almost as pretty as the ironically unloved BMW 8-series. It's far from cookie-cutter, and the styling is more athletic than Aston Martin offerings. It's not as lovely as the Maserati Spyder, but I think it's got the looks. Styling appeal, IMHO, is a dead heat with the XLR.

Based on those figures, I doubt it's a pavement ripper; but I could also care less about Viper-level performance in car like this. At the same time (far far in the future, when I can swap the penny jar for a penny apartment), I'd look at what else I could get, and the XLR and Maserati do it for me more.

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