Speaking to a narrow subset of the South Beach population, the all-new 2017 Camaro SS Slammer concept is how Detroit does Donk.

"The Camaro SS Slammer concept is a design exercise intended to take the Gen 6 Camaro's proportions to the extreme, pushing boundaries to evoke reactions and inspiring personalization on behalf of other Camaro owners," said John Cafaro, executive director, Global Chevrolet Design. "From styling accessories to performance parts, the choices from Chevrolet for new Camaro owners are almost endless."

The Slammer rides on chrome custom offset wheels--22-inch in the front, and 24-inch rears--requiring Team Chevy to modifiy the 6th Gen Camaro to accommodate the rolling bling. Adjustable air-suspension controls just how slammed the Slammer is.

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The custom SS also makes use of several Chevrolet Accessories, including the body kit, black bowties, and Camaro fender badges.

This Camaro comes dipped in Dazzling Black exterior paint--a result of incorporating a coat of gloss white flakes, adding depth and sparkle--contrasting strongly with the car's Adrenaline Red interior.

"Adrenaline Red is a production interior color taken to the extreme in the Slammer concept," said Cafaro. "The leather-trimmed seats are fully 'dipped' in the color, while all the upper portions of the interior have also been painted or trimmed Adrenaline Red, including the instrument panel."

Additional upgrades include:
  • Custom-painted Chevrolet Performance engine cover
  • Custom close-outs in the engine compartment panels
  • Chevrolet Performance Brembo front brake kit