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Does anyone here have one?

I just got mine today, I want to test it out by calling someone.

Essentially, for those that don't know, a SIP phone is a phone that works through the internet. Free long distance, providing that you call another SIP Phone. It also works with 1-800 numbers. (It doesn't work to regular land lines just yet).

2 phones sell for $130. Once more and more people have them, it will be great, and save lots of money.

We're thinking of starting to resell them, but I want to test them out first.

More info right now at:

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hmm... I've seen similar. if you look at Vonage, they offer free calling (within your minutes) anywhere in the usa and canada and you can call land phones as well. it too works over the internet.

Another nice feature they have is you get an actual phone number that people can use to call you from a regular phone, and you can even get an area code from anywhere in the usa. so if the parents live in california and you live in new york, they can make a local call.

basically, it can replace your existing phone if you wanted. I'm thinking about getting this once i can afford it.

I did notice that any calls placed with an SIP phone are free free free. Seems as if the only cost is the phone itself. So, this may be useful in its own way. Nice find. :)
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