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ahahah I love the GTO vs Fbody talk.

Lets talk stock vs stock since you can mod each car till your hearts content.
GTO is as fast as a Fbody
GTO can hang with an Fbody in the turns
GTO outclasses the Fbody
GTO out seats the Fbody
GTO is not as "sporty" looking as a Fbody

Look, we can stand here and you can say ill dust GTO's all day. Im sure you will dust stock GTO's but it wont take long before you find that one GTO with just a couple more mods then you have and then Im sure you will change your mind. GTO is not for middle aged people. Hell, im 19 and if i had the money, id get one. 4th gen fbodies are mostly bought for the engine. If the 4th gen had the mustangs 4.6 pushing only 250-260hp, no one would buy it. As a fellow Fbody member, I accept the GTO into the world of 2+2 american sports cars. I think to many people wanted a super retro car with a blower and some crazy WS6 hood. Also combined with the fact that the fbody is no longer, it makes people upset that they dont have a car like the fbody anymore. Personaly, im glad there gone so GM can rething the cars style. The GTO is in a class above the Fbody. Its as fast and it does it in style. Im sure no one will gut the interior of the GTO and make a strait up race car out of it... but I could be wrong. Thats what seperates the GTO from the Fbody is that the GTO is much more of a classy car and people wouldnt cut it up as they do with the fbodies.
1 - 1 of 79 Posts
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