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Shanghai GM Buick sales topped 500,000 in 5 five years
Friday, April 30, 2004
By People's Daily Online

By mid-April this year Shanghai GM had sold 505,000 Buick series which was first sold in June 1999. It merely took the auto joint venture five years to have its sales top 500,000 units. This is not only a milestone for the enterprise, but a record in the history of China's auto industry.

Shanghai GM has been driving on a fast track these years. In recent three years, sales of its Buick series have risen more than 80 percent annually, much higher than the average increase of travelers' auto vehicles in the domestic market. Its market share also expanded to 9.8 percent and the annual sales are one of top three in the industry.

Insiders attribute three interior reasons for the remarkable growth of Shanghai GM. First, the auto maker has upgraded its localization ability for innovation and integration, which has begun to take effect. Second, its strategy of a comprehensive products line has proved to be successful. Brands under it are all doing very well in the market segments they are in. And the third, Shanghai GM has improved its systematic competitiveness. The Buick brand has built advantages on services and marketing.

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