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well, being a dealer tech, if i were in his shoes, he probably doesnt want to see that come in. i know i wouldnt. i dont like working on older cars, and certainly not older buicks. but then again, thats me. i dont know what he likes, i pretty much take whatever comes in the door, not by choice, but i dont mind it, i just dont like doing them as much as new cars. maybe hes the other way around, it depends on the age of the guy. younger people like myself, i dont know alot about older cars, but then again alot of the older guys dont know alot about the newer stuff.

but regardless, if you have him do it or someone else, i would certainly take it to a GM dealer. you will probably have a better success rate at a buick dealer. just because that is what they primarily work on. so they will know the tricks, and what are common failures, etc.....
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