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Selling the '76 Caddy!

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Well, it was fun while I had her...I don't regret buying her, she's a big ol comfy car, perfect for my long hauls back and forth between school and home. Unfortunatly, she's just too much for me to keep healthy..I've replaced the starter, spark plugs, brakes, and now I've lost reverse and third gear, and I can't afford to fix her up anymore. That's the main reason I bought the caprice...for a new daily driver. Anywhoo, I just thought I'd tell ya if you're interested in a 76 DeVille, lemme know...$700 OBO. I'm thinking I might put it up on ebay and the local swap sheet too.
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I had a blue '76 cupe Deville that I had to sell.... the wife still gives me greef every time it gets mentioned.

Dont forget to get lots of picks for the "scrap book".
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