The president landed in New York this week to meet with world leaders for the UN General Assembly. While there, he got one of his first rides in the new presidential limo.

Designed by GM and sporting a Cadillac badge, the limo, isn't quite a stretch CT6. Although details about "The Beast" are a closely guarded secret, reports suggest that it could weigh up to 20,000 lbs, is based on a GM heavy-duty truck, has blood onboard for totally non-vampiric reasons, and an oxygen supply, among other details.

This is an update of the now familiar presidential limo that Trump had been using until now. That limo, also nominally a Cadillac, first went into duty in 2009.

Although this new limo was intended to be ready for Trump's inauguration, it only debuted last week and these are some of the first videos we've seen of it in service.

The president will presumably ride in The Beast again when he returns to Washington later this week where he will meet with the deputy attorney general to discuss what to do in the wake of reports of the latter's alleged attempts to impeach him.