Chances are that if you're looking for a second-hand Buick or Cadillac you also want those damn kids to get off your lawn! That's according to CarMax, which studied the average buyer at its lots and determined that GM's fuddiest and/or duddiest brands have the oldest buyers.

To be fair, the buyers are hardly octogenarians, with an average age of 47.1-years-old for Cadillac buyers and 45.6-years-old for Buick.

GMC comes in fifth with an average buyer age of 42.2, ahead of Chevrolet's 38.9 (which puts it in 17th place).

The youngest buyers belong to Mazda and Volkswagen, but it's not like the jumps considerably lower with an average of 36.8 and 37.4, respectively.

Weirdly, the oldest buyers in CarMax's tests shop for pick ups, which you would think would make Chevy's buyers older than Cadillac's or Buick's, and which should make GMC's about the oldest of all. Minivans attract the second-oldest, while sedans and coupes attract the youngest.

Considered together, along with the fact that coupe and sedan sales are tanking and that Mazda and VW aren't exactly big players in the market, and I'm starting to think that young people might not be reliable buyers.

[via: GM Authority]