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[email protected]#$% Seats!

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I've been driving Aura XR's for my last three demo models at work. I decided to change up and brought home a VUE XE FWD with damn near everything in it except NAV and I'll probably be driving it for the next 2 months or so (review will follow).

I've spent plenty of time in the VUE, but I have never had extended time with it. I'm looking forward to breaking it in and getting a real daily experience out of it.

I love it so far, it handled fantastic on the way home from work tonight. But I'll tell you right now, that driver seat sucks. I can't get comfortable in it at all. I had a customer from Johnson Controls (seat supplier) and even she said they knew the seats sucked at JC.

I've never gotten a complaint about them before, but talk about a lack of thigh support! Not only that, I feel like the lumbar is constantly there even with it in the relaxed position. I also feel like I am extending my arms too much to reach the wheel.

I'll see how it goes over the next few days.

BTW, I don't have this problem with the redline seats.
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I am trying a few different positions. The one I tried this morning on the way in was not any better. I can't get get it right so that i am an equal distance with both my legs and arms from the wheel. So, if I get in to close so that my arms are comfortable, my legs are not and vice versa.

Also, the lack of thigh support sucks. (as I have already mentioned)
Yep the arm to leg comfort level is a huge problem.

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