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Scion's Ad Campaign Impresses, But will it bring in good customers?

Kudos to ATTIK & Scion - even if I could care less about what they are selling.

Video link here:

It was only about two years ago I was watching a Pontiac Sunfire commercial on TV that had a cheeseball rainbow shooting out of the sunroof with a 1980's rhythm guitar playing in the background. My local Buick commercials play 1970's Love Boat type lounge club brass band music with low budget actors driving around with mile wide grins in Centurys.

Pontiac's "Fuel for the Soul" commercials started with promise, but soon became lame with the game boy Grand Prix tap shift commercial, and a lack of engaging commercials introducing the true potential of the GTO. (A wheel and a smoky burnout don't cut it - see Holden's Monaro "Game Over" commerical - should be on the web somewhere - for an impressive commerical that makes me want to buy one). Or how about the "Where do you want to go today" music-themed Pontiac Commericals that took average Joes off of the street to drive a Pontiac for a day? Innovative, perhaps, but still kinda cheesey, not to mention the politically Left Wing musicians that GM paid for the tune turned around and donated the money to an activist group that opposes GM, if memory serves.

I won't even mention Saturn's lame commericals, or the Chevy Colorado's "Feel like a Woman" commerical. Chevy's other country music is great for its target market...(the Midwest)...but that "See the USA in a Chevrolet" for the sedans and minivans? Ultimate cheeseball.

Cadillac's Led Zeppelin tune was great.....over a year ago.

Only HUMMER seems to have a grip on good advertising.

Anyway getting to the point, Scion has a recent ad out for the bBX (or Xb, or whatever Toyota decided to rename it for the US market) - that is crafted like a high dollar Rap video. Club/house type music plays in the background, and the Scion looks like it has about 3 times the amount of clearcoat a normal car might as it revolves around, spinning like a record being "scratched" to the beat. This is a car commercial that could easily be substituted for a Nike commercial.

I'm no fan of the restyled Echos or "Scions" Toyota is pawning off as new and fresh in the US when they've had them in Japan for years now, but this commercial was GOOD. A direct and accurate shot at the "Need for Speed - Underground" and "2Fast 2Furious" folks with engaging, modern music. Not James Brown or Zeppelin, or something that was engaging to white-haired & balding folks when they were young.

I can see Toyota succeeding big with an ad campaign like this - just as HUMMER made good money off of its ad campaign.

Rather than whine about the inevitability of Scion's success ("Resistance to Toyota is Futile") - even as we once predicted its failure, I'd like to see GM use Pontiac (or Saturn) as its own "Youth division". Hard, seeing as how Pontiac has a 20+-year old platform-based Sunfire - a car older than the target market( ! ) - as its "entry" vehicle. Worse that its Vibe is a Toyota Matrix/restyled Corolla wagon under the skin. This can only be done with the kind of hard-hitting, demographic focused advertising that Scion employs. Pontiac could rebadge the Suzuki Aerio, or get the Pontiac Pursuit, and have a low to the ground body kit style, and go with something like that, with Scion-like commercials. Heck, even an Optra with a slightly lower suspension and sleeker looks on the outside might work. (Keep the price point of Scions in mind)

But on to my next point. Some might recall the Mitsubishi commericals. Targeted towards youth, some saw these as effective. Now Mitsubishi is regretting drawing the wrong crowd to dealerships. Young kids working part time jobs that had poor credit. If you've followed Mistu news, they are bleeding red.
However, they also offered incredible incentives that helped put them in that bind. Something Scion doesn't have to do.
Time will only tell if Toyota really profits from Scion, especially if it gets the less than financially stable "Mitsubishi demographic".

But one thing is for sure in my mind - Scion's marketing and advertisements are a far cry from the "design by committee" type of bland GM (besides Hummer) commercials. At least for now. GM had better recognize this and work proactively to counter it - not just sit back and "wait and see" if Scion succeeds or not - by then the damage may well be done.

Toyota Scion Takes Hip-Hop 'Route'
written by Carl Chery

The snackbox-sized Toyota Scion is travelling the Hip-Hop route this spring with a tour of classic urban films at twenty American campuses.

The festival, called "Route" is teaming up with several student organizations to host screenings of classic Hip-Hop films like "Wild Style" and "Style Wars" and new flicks like "The Freshest Kids" and "Dithers." Each film features a host of Hip-Hop notables. DJ Grand Master Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, Fab 5 Freddy, Grand Master Caz and The Cold Crush Brothers are all featured in "Wild Style," Style Wars features Crazy Legs and The Rocksteady Crew while Mos Def, KRS-One and Afrika Bambaata take part in "The Freshest Kids."

"Scion is a new car company with a new approach to presenting its products," says Jeri Yoshizu, sales promotions manager for Scion. "Instead of the usual hype people get from most corporations, Scion is devoted to giving young people things they care about like good music, movies, and art. We are optimistic that if we are real about giving our market what they want, they will be real about checking out our cars."

Article Here

Defining the Demographic
ATTIK was one of nine agencies invited to pitch to Toyota for the SCION account. ATTIK was awarded the contract based on its portfolio of work executed in support of youth brands, which includes Sony Playstation, Nike, Sega, MusicMatch and Adidas. ATTIK's challenge here was to clearly identify SCION's youth target, develop a credible brand that would resonate with that market and find an effective means to communicate the brand to the market. Additionally, ATTIK was challenged to create a brand identity, the look and feel, that would be used in all marketing assets.

Before any creative work began, Toyota and ATTIK conducted an extensive youth market research survey using ATTIK's TAXI, a qualitative marketing methodology. The research included traditional focus groups and clinics, as well as non-traditional marketing efforts including Internet surveys and youth panels. Additionally, ATTIK hired teams of young people to study their friends' habits and report their findings.

Results of the TAXI demographic research suggested that potential SCION consumers value individuality and expression, diversity and style. They can be swayed most effectively by word of mouth communication. (Demographers believe that the brand loyalty decisions people make between the ages of 18 and 34 last a lifetime.) Finally, this youth generation appears to be quite aware of poor advertising efforts and is reluctant to be marketed to.

Older Scion Commercial Video

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Originally posted by TaHoE@Apr 13 2004, 03:48 PM
Thought I understand your point Ming.  Ugly cars are Ugly cars, no matter how you market it them.  Some of the commercials are pretty stupid (such as the Metallic Jungle Cat one).  And none of their vehicles appeal to me (cept for the tC, and even then, Id rather have a Cobalt SS).
I haven't seen the metal jungle cat one (I see it downloadable on that link page), but didn't Pontiac have a metallic jungle cat ad for the Grand Am a few years back?

They stole it from GM! :p

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Originally posted by Askani@Apr 13 2004, 05:55 PM
Pontiac has the best commercial of the last ten years. Around 98-99 they had an ad where a trans-am comes up behind a car at a stop light. The TA is growling up a storm, The light pops green and the TA lurches forward gobling up the car in front of it. That's a good commercial, not a scion metalic cat ripoff that has been done before, or some wussy kids rapping with their crate box with wheels...
I loved that commercial:

"The Muscle Car Lives..."

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Originally posted by AJR@Apr 13 2004, 09:01 PM
I will say the advertising campaign is very well done. The commercials were entertaining and innovative. Too bad they were ruined by the looks of the vehicles. The Lighting and DJ commercials were my favorites,
I finally figured out that the "DJ" commercial was the one I was talking about, and added the link to my first post. :p

Here it is again:
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