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Originally posted by cyboexpo2002@Apr 13 2004, 10:58 AM
As a 20 yr old, let me say *BARF*

The xB is hideous, and ok, fine, go after the "ricer" crowd...

Turn Pontiac into that?  NO!!!  That would make customers flee, and there's no guarantee ricers will go for it ("Eww, GM?  I'd rather get something else")
I will definitely second that motion!!! I may be in that age bracket, but I definitely do not fit the group that will be buying those junk heaps.

I recognize that GM needs to freshen up their commericials and advertising, but there's a big difference into making your products appeal through marketing as opposed to changing the style of the brand. I think the Scions are ugly and I can't stand this boxy-minivan-suv-thing craze that Toyota and Mazda and others are jumping all over. I hope this "ricer" phase dies out and does it in a very quick and very painful way. I understand the need to modify your vehicle to make it your own, that's what the whole muscle car revolution was about, but at least the guys in the 60's and 70's were doing it with NICE CARS TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!! I will never understand the fascination of tuning a FWD p.o.s., slapping stickers, crazy paint jobs, and huge non-performance-enhancing rear wings and then thinking it looks cool. Give me a classy looking RWD muscle/pony car with a V-8, THEN tune up the engine, put some NICE flames down the sides, and if you're going to race it put a wing on it otherwise leave it w/o. I want to hear my car rumble and growl when I mash my right foot to the floor, not whine and squeal like a weed-eater about to explode.
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