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Last month, I was gonna buy a Vibe for the wife, couldn't fit three kids in the back. Saturn wouldn't budge on the 16(!) 2003 Vues they had left on the lot ($23k minimum!) So we went to Scion.

Long story short: Wife loved the xB. It gets 27mpg and will do 80mph all day long. Plenty of kid room in the back PLUS the seating position allows for plenty of room in the back seat for someone else my size (6'1") without having to move the seat.

Finally, it topped out at $15500. CD, graphics, auto, air, side impact & dual airbags, window tint & accent lights. They cant keep them on the lot out here in west texas, so something is being done right by Toyota & the marketers

SO my Roadmaster Wagon now moves to the chopping block. I'm, hoping, that GM will have a suitable product for me to move to when I'm ready in a year or so. :drevil:
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