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Schumacher caught speeding on the highway

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Schumacher caught speeding on the highway

F1 star Michael Schumacher was caught speeding off the track near his hometown of Kerpen, Germany. Driving his Audi Cabriolet, Schumacher was fined 75 euros ($107 USD) and received three points on his license.

Schumacher was pulled over in a 100kmh (62 mph) zone going 140kmh (87 mph) according to German media.

“I’m really sorry, it is out of character for me. Speeding is for the race tracks only,” he told German newspapers.

While that was really genuine of him to say - we feel if you’re Schumacher, you should’ve been caught going at least 187 mph.
Source: eGMCarTech
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im surprised this doesnt happen more often.

140 in a 100km/h zone here is somewhat fairly common. I was doing 130 in the fast lane and a cop came zooming up behind me so i thought i was booked, i started moving over and he just sped up, he was probably doing 170 with no lights on. haha
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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