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Saw my first Ion Redline

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Stopped by the local Saturn dealer today, and they had a Silver Ion an Vue RL out. Both with about a $300 mark up... I just cant get over this BS. I cant belive that Saturn, strugling for sales, would bother to add mark up onto the car. It was 300 for an "appreance package" but the large RL wing wasnt there, and there was zero appearance package on the car.
And the RL badge is kind of goofy... Nothing too it. If you dont look for it, you are gunna miss it.
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Originally posted by gmwsag@Jun 7 2004, 03:48 PM
Don't be a post troll ;)
Oh I didn't complete my post. I am now realizing it. I was suppose to say something like this: "The Ion doesn't appeal to me much....". Sorry nsap!
Originally posted by gmwsag@Jun 8 2004, 05:57 PM
Oh I didn't complete my post. I am now realizing it. I was suppose to say something like this: "The Ion doesn't appeal to me much....". Sorry nsap!
:lol: No problem
Its not really my bag either...sort of. Id like a Cobalt SS if it was turbocharged in the future. And Im a big RWD guy. I dont think Id get a SS over a Solstice though...thats where the problem is! Id much rather get a nimble Solstice then the cobalt.
Sounds like the gears are the Redline's downfall.
The engine should be great. But the performance
of the Redline falls short of expectations, and I am
pretty sure it is due to low gearing.

Maybe the Cobalt SS will get a better gear setup?
Ive never been a Saturn fan as long as ive been into cars. My best friend has a 97 Saturn SL1 and her mom has a 2003 L300 I thinks it is...Now not for anything and this is not to poke at any Saturn owners, but my friend's SL1 is a real toilet. I guess im not a big fan of manual locks and windows, a factory stereo player with neither a CD player nor tape deck (****, it doesnt even do 8 tracks! lol). I mean for her first car its not bad, but I guess ive been spoiled a lot when ive had not a Saturn fan, I hear their sales are struggling a little, I go to their website and im just not impressed. The look of their vehicles, their website, just everything about Saturn I just dont like...Enter the Ion Redline. All I can say is WOW, for once im impressed with Saturn! I think the Redline is a very sharp looking car, seems to be a nice interior, great look on the outside compared to all the other Saturn models, and hell a supercharger that makes 205HP?? Now that spells some fun. I think this is to get with the Evo and WRX crowd in a way, make their cars more sporty and appealing. Which is not a bad thing, in fact, its turned me onto their Red Line! So I say lets give it a chance and see what owners will have to say about it.

EDIT: sorry I think ive lost my liking for the Red Line (im picky lol). The guages are in the center of the dash? interesting I thinks but not something I would like.
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