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As many of you know, my Dad bought a VUE XE (See Today I had a chance to drive it for the 1st time and here are my impressions.


The VUE XE is a dog, literally. I mean the XE isn't trying to win any speed records here, but it is a slow moving machine. Once you get up to speed (40+ MPH) it seems willing to respond as required, but getting to that point is arduous. Of course this could be due to my extreme speed bias (see Corvette), so I won't hold this against the VUE. I'll say Performance is acceptable.


The XE has a roomy interior, with lots of space. That being said I dislike the lack of a telescoping steering wheel. Big mistake by GM there, and something I can't overlook (as I am quite big and sit far back from the dash). I could forgive them if they offset it with adjustable pedals, but they didn't. Outside of that issue, I found the drivers seat to be of comfort. The car doesn't hug you, but then again it isn't suppose to. This car is about utility, and mobility not about taking corners at 30 MPH. The VUE gets the nod on comfort with a rating of good.


Now here is where the VUE shines. The VUE has ample space, today my parents used it to haul back some 8 footers from Home Depot. This was possible because the front seat in addition to the back seats folds down. Basically you can fold down all the seats but the driver seat to maximize space. The cargo area is also quite large for an SUV of this size. I foresee the VUE providing all the utility my parents need, excellent in my opinion.


The VUE uses the new Black Tie corporate radio, similar to the one that was in my Saab 9-3. This radio has its issues, but it is one of the best I've used. Additionally the VUE has all the controls within easy reach of the driver. The Manual HVAC is straightforward and has cool little LED's on the dial to note the position of it (so at night you can see them). The heated seat location is a bit weird (on the center console, instead of the stack), as is the 12V adapter (right next to the heated seat locations, but those are minor flaws. The cup holders are to die for, deep and in a great location (between the seats low enough where you don't hit your drinks). Once again, excellent.


We haven't had the car long enough to get a clear indication of things like the MPG's or reliability, but if it is like other GM cars we have owned we won't be disappointed. The VUE is a good little SUV that with a few touches could be a great one. I'd recommend getting the 3.6L V6 with the 6 Speed in the XR but that is because I like speed, if you don't mind the slowness the XE will do you just fine.


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I drove a 08 VUE XR it really is a nice vehicle. The power is really great in this model, and the interior is really upgraded from the previous model. I hate that the sunroof option didn't come till later, but overall it's one of the nicest SUV I have drove.
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