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Saturn Power Door Locks Partially Working

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I have a 2001 Saturn 3-door coupe. The keyless entry will only unlock the driver's door. If I press the UNLOCK button on the inside of the driver's door, it sometimes unlocks the driver's door. If I press the driver's LOCK button, nothing happens. If I manually lock the driver's loor, the UNLOCK will not work - that is unless I press the LOCK first and then the UNLOCK.

Sometimes when I press the Driver's door LOCK and UNLOCK buttons, I get the desired effect on the Passneger side door, but at other times it has no effect at all. I can't find a pattern.

If I press the Passenger door LOCK and UNLOCK buttons, sometimes they work on both doors, sometimes they don't have any effect at all.

The only other clue I have is the LOCK button on the Driver's door seems to be in a half-way kind of pushed-in position. In other words, when I press it, it barely moves. I first noticed this abnormality the first time the door locks didn't function properly.

It would seem that this is a problem with something other than the power door lock actuator, but if so, I don't know what that would be.

Any ideas?
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This is just a guess. I know cars use the BCM (Body control module) to control the door locks. However I don't know if your car has this. Hopefully this helps.
i would be more so leaning twords an actuator problem.

i have seen several of those fail, and they start doing what yours is. i have also seen it where the door actuator will not let you open the door from the inside or the outside or both, intermitently.

i have replaced 2 bcm on those cars, 1 for a inop door lock problem after it had been in a wreck where it shorted the wiring in the door and back fed the BCM and fried the driver out of the module, the other i have had a problem with interior lights that wouldnt go off.

but those were all on cobalts, not saturns.

check your lock rods to see if they have come out of there bore, or out of the hold downs, or maybe they have come loose, make sure they move freely as well
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