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Oh, boy! Men protect your women and children.


It isn't bad enough that we've had singular mediocrity with an Ion that has less room in it than the average cat litter box.

It isn't bad enough that we were treated to an LS that was mated with a Ford Mondeo and is being discontinued.

Oh, the excitement.

We had a Vue without a Room.

We are going to have an Ion Redline. Hold your pearls, Mrs. Bush. She's going to blow.

We are going to get another iteration of the tried and failed GM minivan that will now be a Sport Something but not a minivan. Oh, Lordy, I'm captivated with anticipation.

In the decade plus that Saturn has graced the land we've had the innovation of the third door and now a central instrument cluster. Still occupying our favorite Saturn memories are the sounds of buzz and wheeze. And while we can call ourselves family by going back to the Saturn plant for a barbeque and picnic, our cars are now going to be made by the same union members who once had their hands making Vegas and Citations.

Perhaps Saturn could get William Hung from American Idol to be their spokesperson. She bang.
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