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Originally posted by laserwizard@Apr 20 2004, 01:05 AM
It isn't bad enough that we've had singular mediocrity with an Ion that has less room in it than the average cat litter box.

It isn't bad enough that we were treated to an LS that was mated with a Ford Mondeo and is being discontinued.

We had a Vue without a Room.

We are going to have an Ion Redline. Hold your pearls, Mrs. Bush. She's going to blow.

We are going to get another iteration of the tried and failed GM minivan that will now be a Sport Something but not a minivan. Oh, Lordy, I'm captivated with anticipation.
what's the problem with the ions size? not big enough? buy a bigger car! it's comparable (size-wise) to similarly priced cars in its market segment. i never understand the size argument. a car has to be a specific size. if it doesn't suit you don't buy it. i could argue that the camry is too big... corolla is to small... matrix is to tall... echo is too short...

LS... well can't say much there. it's a rather laucklustre car, and they were right to initiate discontinuing it.

not sure what your problem with the vue is. it's been a pretty well recieved vehicle by all accounts. sales haven't been great, but the vehicle is decent.

and you laugh off the redline models? 250hp vue? 205hp ion? these are the most substantial vehicles from saturn ever. if they don't get a little credit here, they never will.

tried and failed minivan? why failed? no, it never was the sales leader, but it has a solid reputation and is safe and economical. they overdid it with 4 versions of the new CSV versions, but if the vehicle fails it's because it's mis-marketed, not an inherently bad vehicle.

i see limited use for saturn these days, especially as they become typical GM vehicles and lose the plastic panels, but i don't know that i see your reasons as the real problem.
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