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Saturn Epsilon Sketch

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Car Preview Agian. I think this is very far off too, it looks just like the current l...

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Oh my gosh! If Saturn/GM does this, I will boycott GM
If Saturn Builds an Epsilon it should built Definitely a Sedan and if anything else a true hatch or wagon, seeing that those positions have not been taken yet (Since the Malibu comes in Sedan and "Extended Sedan"), G6 will come in Coupe, Sedan and Vert, and 93 comes in Sedan and Vert right now, (Though I would like to see two hatches in the future [3 and 5 doors).) This leaves room for Saturn's Wagon and Sedan with very little overlap, not a rebadged Maxx.
According to Saturn, there will NOT be a MAXX version of the new Saturn.
this is false.. completely new design for next autoshow
Looks way too much like the current model (thats being ditched).
Save your goofy Saturn design money, GM, and import or use the Vectra design as-is. At least that way if it doesn't sell, you won't have wasted all the money designing it to look as bad as some of your recent Saturn designs.

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Woooo, what an inspirational design this is! If Saturn was any more bland it would be a beige computer case.

nice idea Ming,
I think that in the next couple years thats what we are going to see
a slow migration to Opel Designs, first a redesign of everything to look
more "opelish" then start selling opels as saturns..
just a thought though.. it makes sense.
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