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Originally posted by MCGARRETT@Jan 7 2004, 07:10 PM
If this car is priced around $20,000-$22,000 it will fit just right in the Saturn line up. The ION coupe runs from about $14,000-$19,000 so this is a small step above. Also the L series (and their replacements) sell in the $18,000-$23,000 range and the VUE runs from about $16,000-$23,000. Remember also that the "RedLine" cars are also going to come out too. Those will probably have $2000 or more premium over the regular versions.

You can still get the basic ION sedan with AC for about $12,000, so Saturns still are affordable.
Those are some really impressive numbers. I simply don't understand how Saturn doesn't sell more. The L-series for example-- it looks very expensive in person...
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