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Posted this in the 'regular' 9-7 forum by acident:

Pushrod's in a modern saab? Please. I have nothing against pushrod engines and think that they have their place, but not in any Saab branded vehicle.

Volvo XC90 is doing just fine with no V8. A non-turbo engine for the base 9-2 and now this . . . no turbo engines avail. in the 9-7. As I have said before, so much for the ad campaign "...where all cars are turbocharged."

I was giving GM the benefit of the doubt that they would get this as saab-like as could be, but they really seem to have just done a rebadge.

Where is GM's engineering might for their premium european brand? Cadillac and Corvette can't get all of the engineering talent. They are doing the same thing with the minivans . . . er, uh sportvans . . . .

At least the HHR looks promising.
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