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Originally posted by monkeylizard@Jun 18 2004, 12:08 PM
The 9-3...

Most noticeable to me was the severe turbo lag for acceleration and complete lack of power.  Of course, I was somewhat comparing it to my '98 Buick Re

The 9-2...

Again, though, I felt it was underpowered, given though that I haven't driven many cars in its size class to compare with.  But for the money they are asking, It is definitely underpowered.
that's too bad. i've never driven either, but if nothing else i'd want a fast saab. sounds like you thought the handling was okay on both cars, and the style is there, but at saab prices you don't want hyundai performance. i hope you're just way too picky (and spoiled with your S/C 3.8!) and that everyone else who trys them likes them! :lol:
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