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Originally posted by LegendNH+Dec 10 2003, 12:46 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (LegendNH @ Dec 10 2003, 12:46 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-chev454ls@Dec 9 2003, 04:02 PM
Saab has made so many positive strides the last few years.  I I used to think Saabs were some of the ugliest car ever made (and some of 'em are), but now they are looking pretty sweet.
They were ugly before GM took them over. When GM took them over, they were made into nice looking vehicles [/b][/quote]
im not saying that GM only makes good looking cars koffazteckkoff but i have to agree with you here. after the gm takeover saab really started to look nice... finally
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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