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Is dimwit how you get your point across? Trying to show how shallow and egotisticle you are? That's the point I gather from your previous post.

The strength of the Saab brand or the WRX's technical merits combined with a thouroghly SAAB visage makes this one a winner. Bitch all you want. It is mutually benificial. Saab gets a car it COULDN'T have had and Subaru gets to produce them at a profit AND by being used by a "luxury" brand with mostly cosmectic changes gain even more credibility.

Isolated positive response? In my opinion, you may be the one who is isolated.

I personally like the looks BETTER and it is supposed to cost the same. That is what MOST people decide on in one step or another. That is my decision. Who are you to say someone's opion is "puddel-depth". So we should all be driving a car on what you think is important? puddel-depth. Too shallow to realize that your concerns are just that, yours. Be a little deeper and realize you are only one little fish in this big pond of life. Don't feel inferior because someone wants a Saab instead of a WRX. It shouldn't mean anything to you anyway.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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