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Rumor Mill: New Camaro might get axed? (Z28 has already been killed)

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Doesn't look good guys...if you want one, you better buy one the first year to show that there is a need for this vehicle.
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Re: New Camaro might get axed (Z28 has already been killed)

As per request of the Fbodfather.

Fbodfather said:
I posted this at another site -- and I'll post it here!


"...........Articles like this really put me up the wall -- past the pictures -- and on to the ceiling.

The Camaro is not Dead.

( my opinion, there are some 'enthusiasts' that hope it does die -- and that confounds me........not to mention giving a dangerous boost to my blood pressure......)

I don't know how these things get life -- but let me assure EVERYONE -- that every car and truck program out there is on the table right now -- and I think I can safely say that this is the case at the other two American manufacturers -- all one has to do is to look at what's happening to new vehicle sales -- coupled with the housing meltdown -- the budget deficit -- the elections -- the Dow Jones Industrials down by a breathtaking amount -- and of course, high energy costs that are forcing the price of everything upward................

Let us take a quick walk down memory lane - shall we?

The year is 1979 -- interest rates are double digit -- energy costs and inflation are spiraling out of control.......people are "upside down" on their loans for pickups and large cars................

.....................and yet Chevrolet somehow sold 282,000 Camaros -- TEN years into a lifecycle.

Yes -- the times are different -- but I'm betting that when people see the production car -- they see the value that the car offers -- and they see the fuel economy -- we'll sell a lot of 'em.

........I said a long time ago "Have Faith" -- and that's what I'm saying once again.
With that....close thread. You can post up all the Chapter 11 threads you want, but false Camaro info will get tossed. Closed.
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