Chevy might still be denying the very existence of a mid-engine Corvette, but that won't stop (in fact it encourages) the rumor mill from turning fast. The latest rumors surround the engine and just how much hp it'll pump out.

Car and Driver published a report that was oddly light on sources claiming that the upcoming rear-mid 'Vette will have four engine options over the coming years, the first of which being an LT1 making making around 500 hp.

The second, claims C&D, will be a 5.5-liter DOHC V8 making around 600 hp. The engine's piece d'irrisistence, though, will be its flat-plane crank that will allow it to rev up to 9000 rpm (though production cars will be limited to less than that for reliability's sake).

Third, Chevy will allegedly strap a pair of turbos to that same engine and pump up the power to around the mark. Each of these will weigh in at around 3,500 lbs and will send the power to the rear wheels through a 8-speed dual clutch trans-axle co-developed with Tremec.

But Car and Driver promised 1,000 hp and 1,000 hp they will allege. That figure, they say, will come from that oh so modern of inventions, the hybrid drive system. By adding an electric motor making about 200 hp where the frunk would normally go sending power to the front wheels, the C8 could make nearly 1,000 combined hp and join the all-wheel drive supercar club.

The publication also claims that we'll finally see the car next spring, which feels like an awfully long time to wait and an even awfuller long time for Chevy to keep up its denial charade.