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I generally find this car appealing in a "it's-not-so-bad" kinda way, though I'm not a fan of RR's updated fronts, particularly on the Phantom.

It's funny, nothing RR does makes me think that their cars are worth the bucks that people pay for them. Technically, they aren't state-of-the-art, they are not significantly faster/sportier, I don't find their interiors THAT much better/luxurious than cars in the $60-$80,000 price range, and stylistically they don't appear to have an edge over anyone. Somehow, they have a certain cachet, and I suppose that's the appeal: "I drive a Rolls-Royce." To me, a Maybach seems to justify its price better, and certainly the Sixteen concept has it all over the RR in a variety of ways.

Then again, I'm not and will never be ultra-wealthy, so I suppose folks in England could give a rat's behind what I think of their concept! :D
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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