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Rolls Royce Concept 100EX

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Wow :eek: & What in the world is it suppose to be :huh: ??
Originally posted by PontiacJ8@Mar 2 2004, 10:13 PM
Wow :eek: & What in the world is it suppose to be :huh: ??
It's supposed 2 B ugly, and I think it acomplishes it's mission.
the mismatched hood is what ruins it for me....other than that it looks like classy british auto....
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

i dont like it at all (if you couldnt tell) i mean its a rolls royce, that was a once the best style/luxo car on the planet. this is well still very luxo, but where is the convertable hardtop? and it looks just like the bentlys. i wish they looked more modern, i mean 50 years ago this would have been great, but today, well i think they should just move forward in design, and this just looks like that took the same car they have always had and then put new style headlights on it.

and if youve seen the interior its really bland. classy materials trapped in yesterdays design. i think that pretty much sums up the new rolls royce.
Like the concept, but don't like the name

Bottom Line
Nice car, but for $?? ??? I'd probably buy a differnt one.
Just do something different-BETTER with the headlights and ide drive it. ;)
SUICIDE DOORS ON A COUPE! This, and this alone, makes it one cool fricken car!
I think you guys are metaly ill...

this car is sweeeeeeeet. Suicide doors, vert, and a fold out trunk?!?! Change up the headlights, and it would look good. Id pimp this thing like none other.
wow- I think it's hideous--- maybe it would look nice next to Studebaker's XUV- HUMMER wannabe.

For $300,000, which the production version will be priced at, this car should have hard-top convertible.
The car is nice... but the front end is horrible.
Could this be the next Corniche. I like it but except for that the back is too rounded off. The boat-tail kind of a bit old.
FREAKING UGLY! You can tell BMW got their hands on it. Gimme a new Bentley instead... So does it come with a clear cone on the front to direct air over the roof?
it's a rolls... it doesn't have to look good. and yet i don't t really mind it... i think that different colour hood cuts a very cool line across the front of the car. and the trick doors are damn cool.
... the trunk is kind of wild. Looks like a truck bed.

It's a Rolls. I can't afford one.

C'mon, the Europeans do make some impressive rides. The only reason why the 1950's, 60's and 70's were full of American cars were because we didn't have any competition. We bombed all of our competition.

The American auto industry didn't know how to make a quality automobile until the 1980's. Although us Americans are p*ssed, so watch out.

BMW's, Rolls' and Mercedes are all nice automobiles. Although I won't buy one.

In the words of Marty Stuart, the country singer from one of his songs, I "bleed red, white, and blue".

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I generally find this car appealing in a "it's-not-so-bad" kinda way, though I'm not a fan of RR's updated fronts, particularly on the Phantom.

It's funny, nothing RR does makes me think that their cars are worth the bucks that people pay for them. Technically, they aren't state-of-the-art, they are not significantly faster/sportier, I don't find their interiors THAT much better/luxurious than cars in the $60-$80,000 price range, and stylistically they don't appear to have an edge over anyone. Somehow, they have a certain cachet, and I suppose that's the appeal: "I drive a Rolls-Royce." To me, a Maybach seems to justify its price better, and certainly the Sixteen concept has it all over the RR in a variety of ways.

Then again, I'm not and will never be ultra-wealthy, so I suppose folks in England could give a rat's behind what I think of their concept! :D
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This car is ultra-retro....forget 50's 60's or even 40's ....Rolls beats them goes all the way back to the 20's.

The reverse opening doors...when was the last time you saw that on a car?
The upright folding trunk, the different color hood which represents the separate hood and fenders from 20's cars too...

Kinda interesting..sort of a super pimpmobile.

If they do make's gotta be more than $300,000...the regular Phantom is that much...this thing would probably be a replacement for the old Corniche...guess arounf $450,000-$500,000 base price.

The neat thing about Rolls-Royce is that if you have the money...they will build you anything you want.

I cant help to like this's so completley excessive, too big, too expensive, probably uses a lot of gas too..
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Interesting fact: The engine is a V16 9.0....
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