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Road Trip: Breaking in the Solstice on I-95 ***pics***

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As I promised to GMI, here are the pics of the Solstice after I got to it during my spring break.

The following pics are after a impromptu car wash after a certain bird decided to leave certain dropping of a certain runny texture on a certain driver's side door. Its not perfect, and if you look closely, it's still wet in some parts. This was the day before we headed back to Florida. I left my plates visible in the pictures because a) I don't feel like editing them and 2) considering how it's something that can be seen publicly, I didn't see how it being seen on a forum is any different.

The paint looks almost purple in these photos and I'm not sure why.

I lowered the front plate from the original location as recommended by GM to a bit lower on the grill to keep the car from looking like it has a piece of corn caught between its teeth.

That evening, to keep the car from getting paint chips from rocks, I gave the car the "Pokemans" treatment. Anyone whose ever read the awesome and hilarious thread on the VW Vortex forum about the guys who completely covered an Audi S4 in this tape knows where that's from. I would post a link to it but VW Vortex has since either deleted the thread or placed it in a private section of the forum that's closed to new members. If anyone is a member and knows hot I can get to that thread again, please post here for everyone to enjoy.

In hindsight, its clearly visible where I went front with the tape. All this was with just two rolls of 3M Medium Adhesive painters tape. I actually only fully used one roll and only a small part of the second, which left me with a good amount of tape for touch-ups when we stopped. Yeah, I went a bit overboard with it, but I didn't care. Better safe than sorry. I was thinking about taping the windshield surround but decided against it. Now that I think about it, it probably would have just blown off.

Throughout the whole trip people kept matching speed with me too look at the car, or they would strain their necks to get a look at it. But I'm sure it was less the Pontiac and more the 3M.

Took these while sitting on the cold floor taping the area behind the door.

This was the morning we were leaving. With the help from those roll-up bags that let the air out, I managed to pack everything in the trunk so that the top would fit. But then comes my mom with an extra bag and throws the whole system off, but as you'll see, it wouldn't make a difference anyway.

Leaving Jersey right before Delaware, methinks. Probably 10 minutes away from the Wilmington Kappa plant that I didn't get a chance to go to... :(

The mommas thinks I'm trying to take a picture of her. She don't like pictures when she's "looking ugly", as she puts it, though she looked fine to me.

This weather was the norm throughout the entire trip.

It was cold that day. Or, dare I say... Fresh.

Nice little area.

This is where my mom asked me if I was afraid of driving in tunnels. I had only done so about a bunch of times before.

Crappy pic or artsy-fartsy? Warp speed, says I!

No, dude. Not really.

Automobile magazine once did a piece where they raced an overnight FedEx package from New York to Miami in a Bentley Continental GT. When describing their blast through Virginia, the author writes "You know, there's probably a guy who takes this highway every day while commuting to work. One day, while sitting in traffic, he's going to see that sign that says Miami and just say 'screw it' and head for Florida."

Well, it went something like that. Here's the sign, I found it cool how its all the way in Virginia, kinda as a joke.


...but we're at South of the Border! Excuse my crappy pics. I was literally just pointing and shooting. I wasn't sure what I was pointing at.

Here is my failed attempt to nab a shot at the Honda plant in SC.

The Rain-X just wasn't working like it should.

She's finally home, though some of the tape... never... made it...

Even at home, the sky was still being an a**hole.

The next day. Though it looks perfectly clean in the photos, there was just a tiny bit of adhesive streaks left on the car, but a small price to pay considering the protection it offered.

John giveth tape, John taketh away.

Some nice tanlines.

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Hahah. I bet a few onlookers were thinking that GM was testing some super secret version of the Solstice with all that tape on it.
Haha YES! That's exactly what I thought people would think every time I walked towards it after a stop. The tape in all those seemingly random places really made it look like some prototype. I was actually tempted to grab a Sharpie and write "Top Secret GM Prototype" on the fender just to get a laugh. I wonder if anyone took pictures of the car during the trip...

It would be pretty funny to get a bunch of striped tape, steel wheels, and a bad attitude and pretend to be a GM engineer and see if the car ends up on the internet, a la Winding Road ZR-1.

I hope more people start making threads like this, especially now that the summer is coming. I love seeing them road trip pictures.
My cousin and I once drove his 96 Accord from Orlando to Colorado Springs. We never took the route you mentioned, but the drive through Tennessee was pretty damn nice. Too bad Florida is all flat and straight. A route like the one you mentioned would be incredible with the top down.
Congratulations on the new car! Hope you enjoyed the road trip with your GF.

Personally I wouldn't tape up a car for a road trip but if it made it more enjoyable for you.. More power to ya.

Best of luck with your great new ride.

That was actually my mother, but I'm sure she would be glad to hear that you think she looks so young. :)

As for the tape, I plan on getting a clearbra sometime in the future, but they aren't cheap and I don't really have the money for one right now.

Congrats on the new car it looks sweet. No way I could ever put a front plate on that car even if it is mandatory in your state. I would plead the Corvette amendment :)
I waxed the car on Wednesday and took the plate off to get behind the bracket. Luckily the dealer left the kit in the trunk and specifically told us not to use any bolts as per the instructions.

Needless to say, the plate is just sitting on the garage floor since I don't think any cops will care here in Florida. I was considering getting one of these hideaway plate holders, but I figure if I need to have the plate on, I'll just pop the bracket back in. Not to mention the hideaway holder sits pretty low on the car.

What route did you take?

I'm guessing I-40 all the way through TN? Or?

Road trips (and the pictures they give) are simply awesome ... at least, imho ;). he he
I'm not 100 precent on this, but I think we took I-75 our of Florida until taking I-24 through Tennessee.

I like looking at the pictures because it makes the trip seem a lot more fun than it actually was. It was nice to see all those places, but you start to get real tired, and those stretches of interstate can get real boring.
Call me crazy but the tape kind of kills some of the fun of the road trip. But that's just me.

What can be more fun than stopping every 45 minutes to wash off bugs from the front end? C'monnnnn
Stopping every 45 minutes to reapply tape to the car, only to have it fly off 5 minutes after you take off.

Why would you put a front plate on the car though, let alone have one? You live in FLA, we don't have front plates...
The car was registered in New Jersey, where they do require front plates. I left it on for the trip just to avoid being stopped for it by any state that may have a problem with it. As for Florida, I don't know if I'm still required to run a front plate if the car is registered in a state that does. But I'm sure it won't be a problem breaking a Jersey law in Florida, where it is legal.

Ohhh...not for me! Pictures of my road trips don't do my road trips justice, imho. I have way more fun than the pictures could ever show.....

As for the stretches of interstate ... sometimes they can be boring, but not for me. Course, I also try to limit the number of hours I drive each day.....
The problem with my road trips is that the point is never is to stop and see things. It's usually just to get from A to B. But I hope to one day take a real road trip, instead of a multi-state commute like we've always done.
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