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Rivera Boattail? would it be good for a project

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well i found this 73' rivera boattail for 1000 the interior is great new carpet seats and all that the exterior is also in great shape but the engine is gone its has alot alot of miles and the the tranny is bad so i was thinking i could buy it and restore the tranny and the engine or i could get a better engine like a 350 from gm performance parts. so what do you guys think?
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Yes, but there is at least 1000lb difference from a 1999 Riviera and a 1973 Riviera, all the 1971 and up Rivieras were front disc and rear drum.

Why mess around with a Chevy engine, you can find a proper Buick 455 and a Turbo 400 anywhere, again, why mess around, the Buick 455 only weighs a little more than a Chevrolet small block of the era.

If you just want to throw a crate SBC and 700R4 in something, find an engineless Camaro or something.
'96 Rivi: 3691 lbs

'73 Rivi: 4480 lbs

well ok, it's a lot but not quite a ton,

I said 1000 lbs, a ton is 2,000 lbs. ahhhh, americas public schools at their finest, but hey at least you learned how to put a rubber on a cucumber right!

Just Kidding!!


But yeah, the boat tail Rivs are heavy, I am not a fan of the 1973 version though, the boat tail was diminished, the 1971-1972 versions are the pure boat tail Rivieras. These cars, and almost all Rivieras are kind of a bargain, so it might not cost that much more to get a complete car.

As for the engines. the 455 Buick was made from 1970-1976, there are plenty around, I would go for a 1970, the last high compression Buick V8, the 455 in the Electra and Riviera for 1970 was rated at 370hp, it was esentially the same engine in GS455. find a tired one and rebuilt it to Stage 1 spec with help and parts from Poston Buick, they specialize in Buick V8's.
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