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Rivera Boattail? would it be good for a project

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well i found this 73' rivera boattail for 1000 the interior is great new carpet seats and all that the exterior is also in great shape but the engine is gone its has alot alot of miles and the the tranny is bad so i was thinking i could buy it and restore the tranny and the engine or i could get a better engine like a 350 from gm performance parts. so what do you guys think?
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I LOVE the boat tails! You should buy my Cadillac instead though. $1,000 and it's yours! ;) Hell, my car runs and drives well.
the guy that is selling it change the brakes from drums to disks the car has not a single spot of rust new paint job metallic green even the engine bay is painted so it is actually a good deal but am not sure what engine to get you know i the car is a buick and by the way eurohazard your caddy is cool i would buy it but you live in california and i don't feel like driving right now i just came back from mexico 1535 miles
I'm pretty sure those big Buicks had disc brakes up front. Or do you mean rear brakes too? Do be careful when buying a car with new paint.....have a person skilled in bodywork take a look at it first. I have seen first hand rust holes filled with newspaper then bondo'ed over. As for the engine....sure the Buick purists will tell you to stay Buick for the engine...but it's easier said than done. I would think nothing of dropping a SBC crate motor in it.

My offer on the Caddy is a half joke. ;) Gas would suck at ~10 mpg from Cali to MI.
^ 1970 did have higher compression, but keep in mind....if the OP is not getting a rebuilt motor..........I recommend a 1971-1972 engine. They had hardened valve seats that will allow one to run regular unleaded gasoline. An original pre-1971 car will likely need some lead additive in the gas for durability reasons.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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