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Rivera Boattail? would it be good for a project

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well i found this 73' rivera boattail for 1000 the interior is great new carpet seats and all that the exterior is also in great shape but the engine is gone its has alot alot of miles and the the tranny is bad so i was thinking i could buy it and restore the tranny and the engine or i could get a better engine like a 350 from gm performance parts. so what do you guys think?
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But it's a doesn't deserve a SBC...that's the easy way out.

If it was gonna be a driver I'd use an L36 or L67, which would properly be a Buick engine :D
LOL I don't think a 3.8L would enjoy pushing that boat.
...but it moved this boat with good performance...

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lol quick google search:

'96 Rivi: 3691 lbs

'73 Rivi: 4480 lbs

well ok, it's a lot but not quite a ton, and we can assume that while a 3800 is still an iron block/head motor, its GOT to weigh less than a 455

It wouldn't be a performance car but it would move it with decent fuel economy
lol that was a "brainfart"
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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