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Originally posted by 88montess@May 19 2004, 04:01 PM
Where in this article is any mention of Honda CR-V, Honda Element, Toyota highlander, Sequia. Armada.

When will the Media realize that the "BIG 3" are not the only ones making "unsafe" SUV's It seems the Imports get all the success of the SUV with none of the Negative Media. A Toyota Landcruiser Has the same fuel rating as a Escalade or H2 I don't see California Burning the Mercedes G-Class Bohemith. or giving the 4-Runner a rollover risk, As it's center of Gravity is higher then a Trailblazer. I belive the disparity amoing the quality is finnally being acknowleged, but what about the media. Toyota has commercials stating how fuel efficent there cars are. What about there gass guzzling "large as life" Tundra and Sequia, both which have fewer HP and the same or worse EPA ratings then the Silverado or Suburban.
I completely agree, this article, wherever it came from, is so pointedly anti-big 3 that it's pathetic. I wonder if all other countries bash their cars as bad as we bash ours.
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