Everyone's getting in on the SUV action, including famed builders Ringbrothers who have stuffed a K5 full of horsepower and off-road treats.

As posted on their Instagram feed and shown here, their latest build is a K5 Blazer with all manner of burly and go-fast goodies. According to those in the know, there is a LS3 crate motor under that hood, a mill that should certainly give it the mouth to match its trousers.

Close study of the really super dim so dark you almost can't see it pic published by the company reveals a machine with what certainly looks like a custom roll cage and some unique bodywork. The front grille looks to be tweaked as well.
This is the first SUV from the company but, if history teaches us anything, it definitely won't be the last one they build. As we mentioned last week, these types of rigs are enjoying a surge in popularity, bringing big money at collector car auctions such as Barrett-Jackson. We'll take this opportunity to remind you that another LS3-equipped Blazer sold for nearly a quarter-million bucks at such an auction last year.

While it's tough to know for sure, it certainly appears as if Ringbrothers also installed a lift kit and aggressive off-road tires to their SEMA special. Gonzo diffs, stout t-cases, and tough driveline components are also very likely to be on this Bowtie menu.

You'll notice the Ringbrothers' Blazer appears to have a completely removable top, shedding its roof all the way to the windshield. This means there's a solid chance we're looking at a 1972 or older Blazer, even though that style roof was technically available for a couple of years after the 1973 redesign. Biggest clue that this is likely a 69-72 model? The contour of the right-rear quarter panel.

Another picture from deep in their Instagram feed shows the team working on first gen Blazer, only adding credence to the theory that this is, in fact, a 69-72 Blazer.
To see the unveil live, visit the Ringbrothers Facebook page at 11:30am on October 30th. Or, check it out for yourself at the SEMA Show in Vegas later this month. And, you never know, off-road.com might have boots on the ground at the event. If we do, we'll be sure to get all the tasty details of this King-Sized K5.

a version of this article first appeared on off-road.com