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Review: TRD Hilux 4000SL vs HSV Maloo R8 - The Battle Of The Performance Sports Utes

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TRD Hilux 4000SL vs LS3 HSV Maloo R8 Review

Matt Brogan & Paul Maric
20 June 2008

When we decided to run two of Australia’s favourite sport utes head-to-head this week, it was bound to cause some heated discussion around the CarAdvice office.

Despite the pair of pick-ups having a slightly different application, they are still essentially the same high powered, tail happy tradie trucks that offer something just a bit above the boring old workhorse - real horsepower.

Now before we begin, remove purpose from this argument, because we well know these utes are essentially a sports car with a tray and that outright performance rates far more highly on the consideration list than payload or practicality in this instance. It’s this debate that in certain circles can start a bit of a **** fight.

You see most blokes see these utes as toys, or show ponies if you will, and more often than not will give a bit of lip to the well cut metro male for driving a ute that’s all go and show with no room to stow. But as we found out when it comes to at least one of the pair this criticism is well deserved.

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When I look at the Maloo I think that if Transformers included GM cars from other markets, this would be our representative.

It's truly an awesome looking machine.
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