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Did I miss the restoration of an American Auto Icon?

The styling of Cadillac is horrendous inside and out. One can call it distinctive, but Cadillac is to cars what Rap is to music. It may be 'different', but it isn't good. Exteriorwise, the edge look is now doing to Cadillac what the cutoff roofline did for them....reduce the entire product line into looking like the other. Quite frankly the edge look is awful on the SRX and that Corvette thang. It doesn't translate well into the STS as it looks like a softened CTS but that isn't a compliment.--just a half-butted attempt at correcting an obvious weakness. The interiors in all Caddy's still are stricken with the GM cheap as hell approach. Nothing about them reeks quality.

I contrast this overall impression of Cadillac with DCX's 300C. It looks more expensive than it is, it performs, and it doesn't try to look all weird just for the heck of it. It is distinctively Chrysler without being derivative of the past or annoyingly different from it. The interior is as good if not better than the Caddy's (quite a statement since it costs tens of thousands of less than some of those Caddy's).

I wouldn't be crowing about the limited sales success at Caddy. They've been moribund for years so reading success from the blips only means that they've managed to cover great chassis and engines with ugly sheetmetal that enthusiasts overlook, not adore.

No restoration yet. Not by a long shot.
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