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Request: Pontiac Vibe Rally-Sport

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I would like to see a Pontiac Vibe with Rally-Spec performance mods...can anyone do one please?? :D
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I've got one at home I've been working on. I want GM to be into
prorally racing, (subaru doesn't count) and even though it's a toyota, the vibe would be the best choice. I think that they should build the vibe in the us, throw in a turbo ecotec with the awd, and run it in the scca prorally!

I'll post mine as soon as I get it done.
That looks AWEOSOME, How bout one in Yellow N Black!! Lol :lol:
Show the landing where is all falls apart... heheheh
Originally posted by geronimo66@Apr 22 2004, 12:26 PM
Show the landing where is all falls apart... heheheh
After all, it's a Toyota! ;)

Nice job on the photo!
I know but I couldn't resist. Besides toyota isn't in WRC anymore. :D
Yeah; I wish GM would do more than just NAStyCAR. No offense to fans of that, but it's not stock car (as the name itself says) and it's just circles. I get bored. I'd like to see a presence in WRC or even (could it be done?) F1. After all, Ford was involved in F1 at one time; if the Focus can survive WRC, surely a GM built vehicle could. I've seen some pretty busted-up Focii. (that's Focus plural :) )
I just realized it's the Vibe "Ultraman Edition"! :lol:

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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