The upcoming Z06 Corvette will benefit from a host of improvements that should combine to give it more of a European supercar feel than the American sportscar feel it currently.

Big, sticky Michelins, active aerodynamics, and a special exhaust setup designed to change the pitch of the engine are all on the cards, according to a recent report from

Citing "well-placed source," the outlet reports that the Z06 will make use of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires. Made with notes specifically cribbed from Michelin's motorsport program, these are the same tires that currently keep the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and GT2 RS so stuck to the road.

With bigger wheels than the Porsche, though, the Z06 will get its own bespoke tires. The report claims that this will also be the case for the ZR1 and the Zora.

The report also refutes the suggestion that the C8 Z06 will get a big fixed wing. Reports came out a few months ago saying that the Z06 would get a big, Koenigsegg-style wing. Koenigsegg, being the small, mad-scientist-run company that it is, has a few options, though, and one of them is a top-mounted wing that adjusts to make the car slipperier at high speeds and stickier at low speeds.

Patents submitted to the USPTO in recent years also suggest that Chevrolet will be making use of adjustable diffusors. Those are the underbody aero elements that create less drag than wings placed over the front and rear of the car, not the ones that make your room smell like lavender.

Active aero elements will likely be optional extras and come as part of the Z07 package.

Finally, MC&T reports that the exhaust tips will come out of the center of the car. This may seem trivial, but according to the report that will make a more tuneful path for airflow, making the reputed 5.5-liter DOHC, flat-plane crank V8 (known internally as LT6) sound more like a European supercar than a pushrod V8.

That decision, though, is not finalized, according to the report. If it all comes together, though, it should all mean crazy-high top speeds, crazier-high cornering speeds, and a shriek that would put a banshee to shame-and will hopefully embarrass a Porsche or two, as well.