While not necessarily the biggest selling car in America-see our report in which GM suggests it could sell twice as many as it does now-the Trailblazer leaves the lot faster than any other car in America.

The report comes from iSeeCars.com, which analyzed over 4.4. million new and used cars sold between March and June 2020. That analysis revealed that the average new car takes about 97 days to sell. That's down by quite a bit as compared to the roughly 58 days it took the average car to sell before the pandemic.

Regardless of pre or post, the Trailblazer was well ahead of the average taking an average of just 19 days to leave the lot. That's more than six days faster than the second-place car, the Kia Telluride.

The Kia Seltos, meanwhile, which competes in the same segment, took an average of 31 days to sell in the same timeframe.

The rest of the top ten was made up of the CUVs and SUVs we all expect to see with the CR-V Hybrid, the RAV4 Hybrid, and the Mercedes-Benz GLB all making an appearance.

The good news for GM, beyond that its little CUV is a fast-mover, is that the US's appetite for EVs seems to be strong and the Bolt seems to be flying off the lot with an average time-to-sell of 42 days. It's the only non-SUV in the top ten-although it's been helped by aggressive discounts.

The Buick Encore GX didn't quite crack the top ten, but is still below the pre- and mid-pandemic averages in 11th place. The Encore GX takes just 46.6 days to sell, leaving it just half a day behind the 10th place Subaru Crosstrek.