Back in November, the automotive world was atwitter with news of a C8-style key fob with Cadillac branding. GM Authority now reports that it was, in fact, just a Corvette key that hadn't had the Caddy branding removed.

The reason the key had Cadillac branding in the first place is down to that fancy new electrical system architecture-known as Global B--that allows the Corvette to get over the air updates and more.

The decision to move over to the new platform came late in the development cycle. You may remember that reports shortly following the key's discovery suggesting that moving over to Global B would add six months to the project.

While they were testing the new system, the Corvette's engineers needed a key. So they borrowed one from the CT5 prototype, which was already on Global B. Rather than spend a lot of time sticking Chevy badges on it, they just used it as is.

So, the key may not have actually been evidence of a mid-engine Cadillac based on the C8's mid-engine platform. That's not to say that such a vehicle is impossible, though.

Back in 2017, GM Inside News reported on CAD drawings of a mid-engine vehicle with a turbocharged V8, suggesting that a C8-based vehicle with a Blackwing V8 is at least conceivable. Chevrolet has been pretty clear that it will not use the Blackwing, leaving it instead as the exclusive domain of Cadillac.

Sadly, though, CAD drawings and fond, if rose-tinted, memories of the XLR do not a car make. So it looks like you'll have to buy a Corvette if you want a mid-engine GM product.