Cadillac Society reports, citing anonymous sources, that Super Cruise will be a $2,500 option for the 2021 Escalade.

The updated SUV will Cadillac's first available with the semi-autonomous drive technology, but not all buyers will be able leave the dealership paying just $2,500.

The feature will not be available on the base Luxury trim, and will require customers to fit the Driver Assist and Technology Package on Premium Luxury and Sport trims. These add $3,650 to the price of the car, to which the $2,500 total will also have to be added. That will mean a total cost of $6,150 in order to get hands-off driving on certain highway.

On the Sport Platinum and Premium Luxury Platinum trims, the Driver Assist and Technology Package comes standard, meaning that customers will only have to add the $2,500 Super Cruise option to the price of their SUV.

Super Cruise has been available since 2017 on the CT6 sedan. The system allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel on highways that have been mapped by Cadillac. The driver must still pay attention to the road, but will slow for traffic and keep you cruising on the highway without driver inputs.

Cadillac has announced that the CT4 and CT5 sedans will follow the Escalade as the next vehicles with the system before it eventually makes its way across the lineup.