Remember how everybody said that the Trail Boss was no competition for the Raptor? Well, of course, it wasn't. It wasn't supposed to be. A new report sheds some light on the Silverado ZRX, the truck that is supposed to be a competitor to the Ford F-150 Raptor.

The truck will start with a set of Multimatic's DSSV dampers, says Those are the same magic shocks that make the Chevy Colorado ZR2 a rough-road powerhouse but also make the Camaro 1LE a track monster. Because they're some of the most amazing dampers ever put under vehicles.

What else? How about locking differentials for both the front and rear axles to help make sure everything is spinning. Don't expect more power, though. While the Raptor might get an extra-boosted 3.5L EcoBoost, the report says that the Silverado will not see more shove underhood. It could, however, get the new 3.0L diesel. Something Chevy offers in the Colorado ZR2, but that Ford isn't offering in the off-road segment.

It's expected to be called ZRX, since GM trademarked that a little while back. With the report suggesting that the new truck is set for model year 2022.